PASD: A Journal of Infernal Criticism

Editorial Policy


For who can think Submission? War then, War
Open or understood must be resolv’d.


We reject the market logic that supposes that competition produces freedom, quality, or inventiveness.

We reject the right-wing belief that a low acceptance rate is a meaningful index of rigor.

We reject unprofessional behavior and years-long pipelines.

We reject the fetishization of paper.

We reject articles by the tenured. With respect: they are insufficiently damned.

We accept critical essays by the damned between 4,000 and 12,000 words in length, not including notes, that have been deemed rigorous, insightful, and infernal by two blind peer (which is to say, damned) reviewers.


Q. Who are the members of the Academical Society of the Damned?

A. We are legion.

Q. Is Mammon among your number?

A. We very much regret that we are, almost by definition, little acquainted with Mammon. We would welcome his company.


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